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Do you have belongings you need to store away from home or the office? We have safe and affordable containers to rent like that shown below. No contract and no hidden charges.


Storage information

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Can I store my household possessions etc?

Our storage containers can be used for anything you want. The self storage containers are air tight when closed and protect your belongings from rain, snow and poor weather unlike some home sheds or garages.

Popular stored items of our customers include: Household Furniture, tables, chairs, bookcases, cabinets, paper work and archiving, tools, gardening equipment, home barbeques, etc

Popular reasons for needing self storage

  • Working from home
  • Moving home
  • Decorating
  • Emptying the loft
  • Need extra space at home
  • Storing out of season products
  • Clearing the garage or shed
  • Decorating

Whatever your reason for needing storage we can help you.


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